Contracts and Operations

Natural Gas Supply and Aggregation

Cambridge has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (?MOU?) with Direct Energy to supply natural gas from the gulf coast. Pursuant to the MOU, Direct Energy will manage and coordinate natural gas supply on behalf of Cambridge.

LNG Production& Capacity

The company is in receipt of an Export License from the United States Department of Energy for exporting up to 8.0 MTPA of LNG to FTA countries, and is expanding and by securing additional LNG Production Capacity which provide additional LNG export capacity to both FTA and Non FTA Countries.

Global LNG Marketing and Shipping

Cambridge expects to purchase up to 10 LNG transport ships to serve the long-term delivery requirements of Cambridge and manage those asset through a ship management agreement.

Contracted LNGDelivery

Through the companies Global LNG Marketing & ShippingCambridge has entered in an LNG SPA for 2.0MTPA for a planned 2000MW LNG Power Plant, and a joint marketing agreement (?JMA?) with G1 Energy Holdings Co. (?G1?) and expects to deliver LNG to the markets in South Korea, whereby Cambridge acquires LNG storage assets from G1 that supports 6.0 MTPA of LNG storage and processing capacity at its planned Northeast Asia LNG Hub.Pursuant to the JMA, G1 will become the Company?s marketing partner in South Korea that will give Cambridge access to both industrial and power generation customers.